Submit an offer

Filling out the necessary paperwork and waiting for it to be reviewed can cause a little anxiety. Yet, when you’re actually going through the motions with a real estate agent by your side, the task will not seem so daunting. Your agent will prep you as best as they can. Don’t fret! An excellent agent walks clients step by step through this process and makes sure everything is done correctly.

With an offer you’ll (at minimum) need:

  • Contract

  • Third party financing addendum
  • Pre-approval letter
  • Sellers Disclosure


After offer is accepted:

  •  Inspection report: review and come up with any repairs you want done
  • Amendment: this will include repairs you want seller to have done
  • Appraisal: review
  • Homeowner’s Insurance: review and pick a policy
  • Title Commitment: review
  • Closing Disclosure: you will get this 3 days before closing; it will help you better understand the mortgage loan transaction and how much money needs to be wired to the Title company for closing


Let’s discuss the contract for submitting an offer. Keep in mind, Texas State attorneys created the contract, not a real estate agent or broker. Most residential real estate contracts in Texas use the standard Texas Real Estate Commission contract. I would suggest going to their website and talking to a lawyer if you have any specific legal questions. A contract to buy a property is pretty standard, but there are a few versions depending on if you buy a new home, condo, farm/ranch, etc. Each of these contracts is different.