Identify your wants & needs

Consider your deal breakers

After you know what you can afford, you can begin to think about your deal breakers.
Typical “deal breakers” I commonly see with clients include:

  • Distance from downtown
  • School districts
  • Move-in ready
  • “I want chickens in my yard and will the Homeowners Association allow my micro pig?”

Okay, the last one isn’t common, but it’s definitely been asked!

Many people want good public schools. Unfortunately, Austin public school systems are not the best. If you’re looking to stay in central Austin, you may want to consider a private school. I provide clients with more in-depth stats on schooling and neighborhoods when I get to know them as individuals. As soon as I know their character, combined with their deal breakers, I can help them narrow down an area.


  • Do you plan on starting a family soon?
  • Do you work from home and need an office?
  • Do you want roommates to help cover your mortgage payment?
  • Do you need to live close to work?

Physically writing out a list of your wants and needs will not only help you to better understand what you’re looking for, but also help your real estate agent find the best matches for you, saving you both time and energy.

Those who don’t know much about the Austin market think that in order to buy a single family home, they need to be willing to spend $500,000. This is not the case! You can still find single-family homes in the $200-300K range in the Austin area; you just won’t be 5 minutes from downtown.